History of the Property

John Cooper moved his family from Bedford County, Tennessee to Hickman County around 1839 to 1840,  His Son Josephus Cooper was around 15 years old at the time.  Initially building a log cabin on a hill, later referred to as Russell Hill which had once served as an American Indian campsite, the family purchased over 235 acres in 1856.  This property included the land now occupied by the Springer House as well as Blowing Spring Hollow.    The family moved the log cabin from Russell Hill to the Blowing Spring Hollow property, making the first of two moves for this log cabin.  The second move placing it where it stands Today in Blowing Spring Hollow by the spring.  John Cooper started building what is now the Springer House in 1865.   The Kitchen was  built separate from the house as was customary in that time to prevent kitchen fires from spreading and burning down the main house and it was connected to the main house by a 'dog trot'.  Nancy Emmaline Cooper, the daughter of Josephus Cooper, married Aaron H. Springer in 1876 and when Josephus died in 1891 Aaron and Nancy Springer  purchased the property from the remaining heirs of Josephus Cooper.  The kitchen was later moved and attached to the main house around 1900 by rolling it across cut logs using mules to pull it along.   Aaron and Nancy also added the second floor to the Springer House.  

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